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Women need Life Insurance too!

Posted on September 4, 2015 at 2:30 PM

According to LIMRA, only 52 % of women own life insurance, compared with 62% of men, and the dollar value of a woman's coverage was 31% less. This lack of life insurance among women puts families at risk of financial hardship. 

I'm sure we've all heard stories from others about losing a spouse and the hardship it leaves the surviving spouse with, especially if there are children involved, but really, REALLY..think about it!  Think about the worst happeing to YOU.  Whether a woman works in the home or has a job outside the home, her "worth" must be considered.

Close your eyes, think about the "what if" your spouse suddently was not here. 

  • Who would manage the children? 
  • What would the loss of her income mean to the familiy? 
  • Would you be able to keep your home or have to move to a less costly one?
  • Would you be able to continue the upkeep of your home?
  • How much is day care ....per child, in your neighborhood?
  • Would your child have a college fund?
  • How much is an in home nanny if you have infants and toddlers not old enough for day care?
  • If you have to go to work all day, are you prepared to come home and do everything..clean, cook, homework with your kids, etc?

Well, I do know somone in my own community who recently lost his spouse. A young man of only 34 years with three chldren; 1 in school and one in day care and he had no choice but to have a nanny in home for the baby.  It's a very good thing that he owns his business and doesn't have to ask an employer if he can leave to pick up his child from school, or relive the nanny if she can't make it,or stay home to take care of sick kids, etc. 

  • Would your employer allow for these kinds of "leaves"? 
  • If they did, would your pay be docked?
  • What if  it casued you to lose your job?
  • Are there enough hours in the day for one person to raise a family in the same manner as two?

The bottom line is there are solutions, inexpensive ones and solutions that can even help provide for tax-free dollars to be used for any purpose such as college tuition, retirement, Long TermCare, etc.

Please do not think a woman does not need life insurance, EVERYONE DOES!  Just as we all work hard to make life good and secure for our families while we're alive, we must think about the reality of the "what if's" that occur daily around the nation.  One day it could be YOU. Youare no different than anyone else when it comes to accidents and illnesses.

It is always best to buy Life Insurance when you are younger and healthier, but better late than never!

Contact me to discuss solutions for your families well being, no matter what life brings your way!

Categories: Life,Death and Illness & Injuries Happen, Be Ready!

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